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South Africa’s leading installer of renewable energy systems

Renewable energy solutions for your home and business

Professionally installed with guaranteed performance

Highest performing Solar Geyser in South Africa


Key Features

  • Having overcome all of the technical challenges to prevent overheating in summer and freezing in winter, Sky Power systems delivers the highest levels of useable energy.
  • Money back Guaranteed performance.
  • Quantifiable solar power output ratings.
  • Stylish low profile solar panel design.
  • No unsightly roof tanks.
  • Your existing geyser can be converted to operate as a solar geyser.
  • Scalable to provide any volume of hot water.
  • Electronic control unit ensures maximum use of solar energy.



Group of Solar panels on building roof.

Keeping you in business!

  • Cost Effective Solar Powered Solutions that will keep you in business and protect you against Electricity Rate Hikes – Forever.
  • When the Till is Dead & the Computer is down and the lights go off, it’s almost impossible to keep the Business Operating
  • South Africa has one of the highest sunshine levels in the world,the sun can power all your business equipment to keep you operating all day, every day and at the same time protect you from rising electricity costs.
  • Grid Tied systems are usually the most beneficial in the Commercial / Business environment if night time operation is not required.



Reduce your bills and Dependency on Eskom!

  • Systems are designed to match your specific electricity needs.
  • Three configuration method are generally recognized..
  • Grid Tied: Uses the Grid to provide Night time and Backup Power. (Not practical for Domestic/Residential) applications in the South African environment.
  • Grid Interactive: Uses batteries for Night & Back up Power. If Utility Supplier permit enables “Net Metering”, where surplus power can be sold back to the Utility Supplier effectively reversing the meter.
  • Off Grid or Island Systems: No grid connection available.



Load Shedding

Keeping the lights on

  • Eskom or Solar charged battery based systems to power the essentials in your home running during load shedding or other power interruptions.
  • Keeping the lights on, the TV running and your computer communicating.
  • Ensures your security systems stay on and the kids can keep studying when the utility power lets you down.
  • Systems designed to meet your needs and your budget.
  • Professionally connected to your house wiring for safe seamless cut over.
  • You won’t even know the power went off!

With a Q Factor of 33.227MJ Our 200L system is the highest performing Solar Geyser available in South Africa.

It's also the most cost effective in terms of price per Kilowatt hour of solar energy delivered.

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