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Domestic Solar PV Solutions


Grid Tied With Net Metering

Because of the unreliability of the Eskom Grid and the Grid Tied With Net Metering need to provide power during the nighttime in domestic applications.
The most popular European solar design of a Grid Tied configuration with Net Metering is not practical for us in South Africa due to the unreliability of the Eskom Grid for various reasons. load shedding, cable theft, etc.


As a result we are left with the choice of two solar configurations being either:


Off Grid

In an off Grid configuration as the name suggests there is no grid connection at all. The systems design must therefore be capable of providing all of the power needs of day and offgridnight and make provision for low sun days. This often results in a hybrid solution where a generator is also employed to provide power for high loads and low sun situations.





Grid Tied with Batteries and Net Metering

Grid Tied with Batteries and Net MeteringGrid Tied with Batteries and Net Metering some time called “Grid interactive”  it’s probably the most practical option available to South Africans. But is comes with the additional cost of having to install batteries.
With an intelligent inverter/controllers it is possible to generate power from PV panels and prioritize how that power is used.




  •  Use PV power to supply current load
  •  Use PV power to charge batteries.
  • Feed PV power back to grid towards net metering credit.
    Sky Power are experienced in all of the above and will design the most appropriate system to suit your needs and your budget.
    Skypower will wherever possible, provide you with a modular design that will protect your investment and enable you increase the capacity of your system as the need arises to cope with the changing situation in South Africa.