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Solar Water Heating – System Control

system control
Time & Differential Temperature System Control Unit.

The microprocessor driven control unit gives the user complete control of system parameters and ensures that you will always have hot water.

The units displays water temperatures at the bottom and top of the tank as well as the manifold temperature, it also controls the pump to ensure optimum benefit is derived from the Suns power.

User definable time periods where heating may be supplemented electrically should target temperatures not have been reached ensure that hot water is always available in the event of reduced solar contribution due to rainy days for example.

Systems offered without a time and temperature based control unit cannot deliver meaningful savings in electricity consumption and should be avoided.

The unit provides frost protection electronically, should the manifold temperature fall too low at night. A battery-backed option is available to keep the controller operating in the event of power failures.

In addition the control unit provides a fail-safe over temperature protection system to prevent overheating which can occur in directly coupled or Thermosyphon systems.

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