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Solar Water & the Weather

system control

And if the Sun doesn’t shine…

The Solar System Controller ensures that you will always have hot water.

Three selectable time periods where electrical top-up can supplement no sun, or poor sun days, automatically.

It also provides both over temperature protection, to prevent overheating and frost protection, so the system will never freeze on a cold night.

You will never be without hot water.

system control

But what about hail ?

Our tubes have passed the SABS hail test. We are SANS 1307 Compliant.

The SABS hail test fires ice balls of 38mm diameter at the tubes at 104 km/hr. In doing so 11J of impact energy is delivered to the tube and is repeated 7 times along the length of the tube.

We are 100% confident that our tubes will withstand anything that nature can throw at them.
system control

And if a tube does get broken ?

Don’t worry, a broken tube can be replaced in a matter of minutes. The tubes are easily interchangeable and there is no water loss. A cracked tube that has lost its vacuum will be warm to the touch and can be identified by a colour change to the silvered end of the tube.

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