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Electricity Back-up systems for Load-Shedding

As a result of requests from customers who have been very happy with our solar water heating systems, our service and support. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Solar PV and Electrical Power Back-Up systems in addition to our best of breed solar water heating products.

Electricity Back-up systemsIt is apparent that many suppliers are now entering the Solar Power market. Offering systems ranging from ludicrously cheap to outrageously expensive.

How do you gauge what you need in order that you can be confident you are not either over or undersold.

In the same way as we did with our solar thermal offerings, we have tried to make the technology and terminology understandable enabling you to be confident that the product you invest in will meet you expectations.

With this easy to operate Excel based calculator. Electricity Backup Calculator You can select how many and what type of lighting and or appliances you want to be able to run during load shedding outages.

Electricity Backup Calculator

The calculator will then indicate how long you will be able to run these lights and devices and the number of batteries that will be required.  It further indicates what size of Inverter you require.

Almost any size of back-up capacity can be provided, it all comes down to money.

The above calculator only considers applications up to 3000W. Beyond this size many other options become available and would need to be designed specifically to you requirements.

What do we need to keep running?

The first objective for most people is light. With light you you can feel safe and secure.

Secondly for many, entertainment would be the second consideration. You will need enough power to run the DSTV decoder or DVD player and a TV.

Thirdly, few of us can do without our computers for long, the need to have access to email is critical. at home this will also mean needing power for the ADSL router and wireless access point. How many of us have children that need access to the internet for their studies.

Cell phone smart phone and tablet charges are also on the essential list.

Next many people need to provide power for automation. Garage doors and Gates. Some have built in backup others do not. Perhaps you would like to extend the operation of these devices by keeping them powered during outages.

Then of course being South Africa, come the Security Systems…. electric fences, perimeter beams, perimeter lighting and of course the alarm system itself.

Many people have noticed that the battery life on their alarms systems and electric fences has reduced due to the increased number of times the dedicated batteries have to run.

It is our belief that the above represents a typical minimum list of appliances we may want to cater for during load shedding of even outages caused by faults or cable theft. If you think of any others please let us know and we will add them into the selection on the calculator.

We have to expect that Load-Shedding will be with us for at least the next 5 Years.

Meet Today’s Needs and Add Solar Panels Later.

It is our goal to be able to provide you with the right level of back-up for you needs as the immediate short term goal.

Secondly we have taken care to select a product range that is robust, flexible and upgradeable to be able to allow the addition of  Solar PV panels for Solar Charging as and when it makes both practical and financial sense.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements and concerns about providing backup for Load Shedding.

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