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The true cost of an Installation

Cost per kilowatt-hour(for the capital cost of the system)The true cost of the system.

Using the Eskom web site as the source of data. Indicated installed pricing for solar water heater varies from R22, 700 down to R14, 900.

The Q factor explained earlier is used by Eskom to determine the value of the subsidy for which the product will be eligible. The subsidy has recently been revised and no longer applies linearly relative to Q factor.

Nonetheless a products Q factor can be determined from its subsidy value, though the calculation is more complicated than before.

Please visit our web site for our product performance evaluator. This allows you to calculate the Q factor and an estimate of how much energy any system will deliver from solar input.

The calculator also provides a “cost per kilowatt hour” comparison to help you select a suitable product by comparing apples with apples.

It is imperative that purchasing decisions be made on performance/price rather than just price.

But which is the most cost-effective product to buy? Divide the Q factor by the indicated pricing and you come up with a price per Kilowatt-hour. Figures range from R1874 to R3995 per kWh.

Still be wary however of any very low offerings as this might indicate the supplier is allowing insufficient funds to provide a reliable after sales service.

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