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Evacuated Tubes (EVT’s) Vs Flat Plates
EVT’s are approx 80% efficient compared to approx 40% for flat plate collectors.
Flat plate collectors suffer severe performance degradation in cold ambient conditions whereas EVT’s are relatively unaffected
and can operate down to well below zero degrees Celcuis.

You’re already enjoying the incredible benefits of solar power at home, but here’s the game-changer: With our Heat Pump Water Heater, not only can you include your water heater in your solar system, but you’ll also enjoy an astounding 5-to-1 energy savings ratio!

✅ Solar, Even for Hot Water: While traditional PV systems usually exclude water heaters, our Heat Pump Water Heater invites your surplus solar electricity to heat water efficiently and sustainably, turning your entire home into an energy-saving powerhouse.

✅ 5 Times the Savings: Yes, you read that right! For every unit of energy you put into our heat pump, you get five times that amount in return as hot water. Imagine the possibilities for your energy bills and your wallet!

✅ Hot Water, Come Rain or Shine: Worried about overcast days or cold winters affecting your hot water supply? Our heat pump works seamlessly in any weather, at low power consumption, ensuring you have a consistent flow of hot water year-round.

✅ Seamless Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing solar setup, offering a hassle-free, cost-effective solution that delivers immediate and unparalleled benefits.

✅ Accelerated ROI: The combination of solar and a heat pump water heater shortens the payback period on your solar investment. You’ll experience faster savings and a quicker return on your green energy investment.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your energy efficiency. Let your surplus solar energy work harder for you, and experience hot water like never before with a Heat Pump Water Heater. It’s the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly choice!

Ready to supercharge your solar investment with 5-to-1 energy savings? Contact us now for a personalized consultation and discover how a Heat Pump Water Heater can revolutionize your energy-efficient lifestyle. Your energy-saving journey begins here! 🌞🚿💰🌎