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Your last electricity bill was probably one of the highest you have ever seen as the effect of Eskom’s compounded price increases begin to bite.

So what can be done to reduce the size of your bill ?
A typical 200L electric geyser will consume in the order of 390kWh per month. This consumptions will immediately put you into the 3rd tariff band of Eskom rates, which is currently charged at R0.82/kWh.

In simple terms each 200L geyser will cost you R3500 per annum.

Sky Power solar water heating systems, which can be fitted to your existing geyser, will deliver an average of 13kWh a day from solar input thus providing the bulk of the energy required for water heating purposes.

The compounded electricity tariff increases already approved for the next 3 years means you will recover the cost of the system in approximately the same period. Thereafter you will virtually be “Eskom independent” with regard to water heating.


  1. Solar Energy is free – All we have to do is collect it.
  2. Solar Energy is inexhaustible and clean!
  3. It will be available forever -The Sun is not going to burn out
  4. It delivers more energy than we can ever use
  5. Solar Energy doesn’t produce green house gas whereas, every kWh of electricity generated by a coal power station delivers 1kg of CO2 into our atmosphere.
  6. It will save you money.